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Food blogger Emilie Griottes created these edible Pantone swatches.

fyeahbookbinding: Cake books by Larissa Cox (BoundlessBookbindery) on Etsy.




What is worse than this? T-shirts reprint!.

Hi, I’m Byron the guy behind this blog Betype, some months ago I made a campaign noting the little annoying things of life like dropping your icecream, youtube restriction, stepping on a lego, etc. compared to the disease: Cancer.

Why I did this?

I have less than a week to make a pre-orders of a minimum of 25 t-shirts, Learn more here:


If you can’t help me buying the t-shirt you will help a lot spreading the word.!

In case you’re wondering extend this campaign until this upcoming friday due to problems with the payment system. The people who want to buy a t-shirt with their debit/credit card can do it by using an email not associated with paypal, if you use an email used with paypal the debit card option won’t appear.

The T-shirts will be printed and shipped by the awesome guys of Saucebox Screen Studio a print studio based on Atlanta, GA. You can check his website here:  www.scbx.co also they have twitter: https://twitter.com/sauceboxink 


Tomorrow finish my campaign!. Thanks to you all that support my cause and have helped me pre-ordering a T-shirt, you still have time to pre-order your T-shirt until tomorrow at night. I have received very kind message. Thanks theres few hours left! Pre-order your t-shirt here: betype.co/cancer


Huge thanks for all your support you guys pre-order more than 25 t-shirts, still are a few minutes to finish my campaign in case you want your t-shirt. The T-shirts are going to be printed thanks to you and the guys of Saucebox Screen Studio.


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(via Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies. NOM! | Food Fancy)

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